Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4T Summary #4

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The blog that I was assigned to this time was Life of an Educator... by Justin Tarte.  The theme of his blog is, "Helping Educators to grow both professionally and personally by sharing and collaborating. " The first blog post that I commented  on  was a review of a book.  The faculty of his school has a book club where they read and review books that help in their professional development.  The book in the first post was How Full is Your Bucket?  This book review listed the highlights and themes of the book, which included the difference between positive and negative thinking and the importance of being positive.  This was my comment to Mr.  Tarte:

Hi Mr. Tarte, 
My name is Kristie McNair, I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to read and comment on your blog for the next two weeks. I will write a summary of what I have read and my responses to it, and I will post them on my blog November 13th. You can check it out at Also, feel free to take a look at our EDM310 class blog at

I love the idea of having a book club with your co-workers. That seems like a really good team building time as well as a great way to learn from the author as well as each other. Does your group read works of fiction as well, or only nonfiction books? "How Full Is Your Bucket?" sounds like a great book. The lessons on positive thinking could definitely be beneficial.

The second post on Mr.  Tarte's blog was a review of the book What Great Teachers Do Differently.  This is a book by Todd Whitaker.  In his review, Mr.  Tarte discusses how the book describes the qualities of great teachers.  He discusses the things that great teachers do differently, as well as how to become a better teacher.  This was my comment to Mr.  Tarte:
What great teachers do differently book cover

Mr. Tarte, 
Once again your book club selection sounds like an incredibly inspiring book. I agree that there is just something special about some teachers that make them great. I like that this book provides actions that all teachers can take to help them become great teachers, because every child deserves a great teacher! This book sounds like a must read for a future teacher like me.

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