Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post 13

cartoon about an iphone app
In the article My Teacher is an App, Stephanie Banchero and Stephanie Simon discuss virtual schooling, which is when students complete all of their schooling online.  They are allowed to work from home, at their own pace, and they are never required to attend school.  Another option discussed in the article is the hybrid-school.  This school allows students to attend school, nut it blends the amount of time spent on schoolwork between online studies and school attendance.  This article talks about the advantages of these programs, and it gives examples of school districts that have implemented these programs.  One of the main advantages to these types of educational programs is the lower cost.  When students are either not coming to class, or coming to class less, the school systems are able to save money on their staffing.

I think that the hybrid schools are a good idea.  I would not have a problem with dividing a student's time between class time and online learning.  I think that the benefits of this would be allowing the student to become an independent learner, as well as being able to adapt to the special needs of students. However,  I do not like the idea of completely virtual schools.  I think that there is interaction within a classroom that students need.  They need the socialization with their peers, as well as the support that teachers provide.  Also, there are so many students who are in abusive situations who would never have any help or respite if they weren't able to come to school.  So many more children would fall through the cracks in the system if they weren't coming to school.  There are some kids who only get fed at school, and often for these same children, the only kind word or soft touch they receive is at school.  I think technology is wonderful.  The things that students today can and should learn online is invaluable.  But as important and vital as technology is to children today, it cannot take the place of school.


  1. Dear Kristie,

    I like all the different options we had this week for Blog Post #13. I did not read this article, but it sounds like it was pretty good and you made some valid points.

    So far this year, I have had only online classes and hybrid-school classes. I prefer the hybrid-school classes because you really do need to see a teacher or attend a lab to get extra help every now and then. My son totally bombed an online math class he took. He said if he couldn't understand the math, he had no one to go to for extra help and understanding.

    I have always felt that students learn best through many different means and with all of their senses. There is no "one way" of learning. We need to give students many different opportunities to learn and online learning is only one option. We should never limit education to this one method. We should always be open to having our students experience learning in as many different ways as possible.

    Plus, you really made a good point about kids needing to socialize with their peers. Kids need to come to school to develop their communication skills, their creative skills, manners, group skills, collaboration skills, etc.

    Technology is great....but it is even better when it is used in the classroom! I will definitely enjoy using technology in my classroom with my students and ,hopefully, they will learn a lot!

  2. Hey Kristie,

    It seems like everyone chose "My Teacher is an App"! But, so far, one of your classmates chose to read a book!

    I agree with you about hybrid classes. This seems to be the way that the Universities are using classes in the College of Education. I think most students like it that way also.

    Great job Kristie,

    Stephen Akins