Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

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I love Kathy Cassidy's approach to technology.  In her video, Little Kids...Big Potential,  the work her first graders do is amazing.  I love how she lets them use all of the technology that we have been using here in EDM310, and they are more comfortable on it than some of us!  Another thing that really impressed me in her video is that she allows her children to work together.  So often in classrooms, especially elementary classrooms, students are made to sit all day long and not talk to each other.  The only time students in my daughter's third grade class are encouraged to talk to each other is at recess.  That's so unrealistic in the real world, and Ms.  Cassidy's students are going to have a huge advantage when it comes to being able to collaborate, as they go through school and eventually into their careers.  I really want to be the kind of teacher who, like Ms.  Cassidy, uses technology to help her students reach outside their classroom and learn about the world. I hope that like her, I will have the support of my administrators as well. I love how she talks in her skype interview  about  students not having to "power down".  How can we expect them to be involved with and exposed to technology in every area of their lives and then suddenly completely dismiss it for school?  That's neither realistic nor fair to them.  Most of the only experience I have in schools so far  is with my daughter in the Mobile County Public School System.  I have never seen a great emphasis put on technology in the classroom there, but I hope that changes soon. I will definitely make it a part of mine. I can't wait to have my own classroom, and I will definitely have a class website and blog.  I think that that is an amazing way for parents to keep up with what is going on in the classrooms, as well as let students continue to learn when they aren't at school.  I wish my daughter's school had those available.  I will also use skype as a part of my class.  I love that students can include skyping with scientists, or artists, or musicians as part of  their lessons.  Honestly, before this class, it would have never occurred to me to use these technology tools in my classroom, and now I can't wait to do these things.


  1. Hi Kristie,
    You did a great job on your blog this week. I loved the picture you used also. I used the same quote about "power down" in my blog. I thought that was really true that we stimulate them with technology outside of school but when they are in school we expect them to be excited about books,pencil and paper. Anyway good job, keep up the good work. :)

  2. Hey Kristie,

    You make some good points about the communication among students. I agree that students should be more interactive with one another in the classroom. Silent lunch and other punishments of students wouldn't be something that I want my children to have to endure.

    Great job Kristie,

    Stephen Akins

  3. Kristie- You make some really great points! Similarly, I had never thought of ways to use different technology in the classroom before this class. I definitely agree with your emphasis on communication between students. In my schooling, group work and projects have always been elevated, so I cannot relate at all to schools where children can only speak during recess. Strange. I think it is also important for children to learn how to bring technology into the classroom, and use it not only for entertainment. However, in response to Cassie as well, I believe that it should be a teacher's priority to get students excited about books, pencil , and paper as well because those are things essential in real life. Spending all your time learning about a certain online program may not be so beneficial if it disappears in a few years or if the system crashes. Maybe I am just too much of a paper fiend. Anyway, keep up the good work!