Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K #10 Special Instructions

awesome blog
I think Mrs.  Yollis' Classroom Blog is a great example of what a class blog should be like.  I love that there are so many examples of her students work there, from videos to the blog posts themselves.  I also think that it's great that she has a "Meet Mrs.  Yollis" link included.  The site is full of links that are tutorials.  This includes learning HTML code, how to take digital photos, the State of California, as well as how to comment.  You can see on her blog that it has won numerous awards.  I love the link that includes educational blogging links for teachers.

Mrs.  Yollis has a Visitor Flag Counter  as well as a ClustrMap to keep tab on all of the visitors to her site.  When I wrote this post there had been 75,589 visitors.  EDM310 has 51,308. Her blog also includes a visitor log.  The class follows many educational blogs.

Mrs.  Yollis says on her blog that she is a lifelong learner.  This is obvious from her blog.  It is full of so many amazing links and resources that you can spend hours looking at it and learn so many things.  It is also a place for her students to be able to display their work.  Mrs.  Yollis' Classroom Blog is an awesome educational tool for both students and teachers.

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