Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post #14

tiles that say tools

In our assgignment this week, we are reading the blog Box of Tricks by Jose Picardo.  In his blog he includes a substantial list of internet resources for teachers.  We were also assigned to watch his video, Top ten tips for using technology in the classroom.  These are the top ten tips that he listed:

  • Use streaming video
  •  Use music more often
  • Use teleconferencing tools such as Skype
  • Create your own interactive exercises
  • Use your interactive whiteboard more effectively.
  • Create your own podcasts
  • Start a blog or a wiki
  • Use social networks
  • Use internet tools
  • Make the most of your pupils' devices
Most of these tips are things that we have become familiar with in EDM310.  I hadn't given a lot of thought to using my student's music to enhance my lessons, but I think that is an awesome suggestion.  It will definitely help them to stay focused if all of their senses are engaged.  I also think I have a lot more to learn when it comes to creating my own interactive exercises. I love the idea of having my students use their own devices.  I think that will make their lessons more relevant,  as well as help them to realize that learning is not something that only takes place at school.  It is something that we should be doing constantly, in every area of our life.  After I am through with EDM310,  I am looking forward to learning even more about Smartboards and the other tools that we have been introduced to in this class.

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  1. Hey Kristie,

    I am glad that you knew about many of these on the list already! I think many of your classmates love the idea of using music in the classroom.

    Good post Kristie,

    Stephen Akins