Sunday, October 9, 2011

C4T #2

apps for teachers

For my second C4T assignment, I began following Lisa Thumann.  Her posts were very informative.  On each post that I commented on, I was introduced to new apps that I had not heard of.  I came away from this assignment with new tools to add to my PLN.

For the first blog post that I commented on Ms.  Thumann was talking about Google Chrome.  She was writing about some of the things that Google Chrome could be used for other than just a browser.  She talked about the Scratchpad, which is a note taking app.  I also did not know about the Screen Capture feature available at the Google Chrome Web Store.  This was my comment for this post:
Hi Ms. Thumann,
My name is Kristie McNair, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. My major is elementary education. I am reading and commenting on your blog as part of an assignment for my EDM310 class. My professor, Dr. John Strange, believes that blogs are an excellent resource to us as teachers and he wants to help us create a network of educators to draw information from. On October 9, I will be writing a summary of your posts that I have read and the comments that I leave. You can view them if you like. My EDM310 class blog link is . My blog is at . I learned so much from your blog post on Google Chrome! I always use Google Chrome as my browser, but I had no idea that it has so many apps and things that you can do with it. I think that the Scratchpad and Chrome 2 phone sound like great tools. I am going to try them out immediately. Thank you"     
Flat Stanley

For the second post I commented on, Ms.  Thumann wrote about Flat Stanley.  This is a series of childern's books, in which Stanley goes on adventures in different locations.  Ms.  Thumann had helped her daughter's class do a Flat Stanley project, and she had found a Flat Stanley app that could be used to help teach geography.  This was my comment:
"Hi Ms. Thumann,
I had never heard of Flat Stanley until your blog post. I went to the Flat Stanley website after I read your post. What a great way to teach children geography! I think that Flat Stanley would be a great addition to most elementary classrooms as both a geography lesson and a safe way to introduce students to social networking. Also, I love the idea of students sharing their experiences with peers from many different places. I am going to install the app from itunes and check it out!"

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