Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K Summary #1

a cat and dod saying you're awesome

C4K#1 Maranda
In my C4K assignment #1, I commented on Maranda's blog. In her blog Maranda's class had had a field day type of activity where they had been allowed to play games. Maranda talked about how much fun that day had been. I commented on her blog by telling her what a great job I thought she was doing by writing her blog, and how I was learning to be a teacher, and how important blogging is.
C4K#2 ka2011
In my C4K assignment, I commented on ka2011. I told ka2011 where I was from and that I was taking a class called EDM310 where we were learning to be teachers who let our students blog. I talked about what a great job ka2011 was doing, and I said that I have a daughter in the 3rd grade, and I would love for her to be able to blog too.
C4K#3 Kaleigh
For my C4K#3, I commented on Kaleigh. Her school had recieved a donation of ipads from Lucy Buffett, and the students had written Ms. Buffett thank you notes. I told Kaleigh that I had enjoyed her letter, and that I thought the things they were doing with their new ipads were awesome. I told Kaleigh that I thought Ms. Lucy Buffett would be very proud of how her class was putting her gifts to such good use.


  1. Hey Kristie,

    You did an excellent job on your C4K summary. I enjoy reading the kids' blogs and seeing what they are working on. I believe that it is a great thing that children are learning how to blog at a young age. I also had to comment on a student's blog that received iPads from Lucy Buffett. Keep up the good work.

  2. I hope you find C4K beneficial to you. I know from the comments of the teachers that they find them useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!

  3. I love the C4K assignment! It is probably my favorite part of EDM310.